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Exams and Concerts


Students are not necessarily required to take exams to have lessons with Inspirations Music
School, however we very much encourage and recommend our students to take exams,
when they are ready.

We prepare for ABRSM exams (practical piano, guitar, singing and music theory) every term.
Our teachers are mainly specialised in preparing students for graded exams within the
ABRSM syllabus. Pieces for each syllabus have been thoughtfully selected to provide a
variety of choices whilst, covering the necesarry skills at that particular level.
ABRSM’s aim is to inspire teachers and students by giving them the widest range of
repertoire variety.

All students are encouraged and invited to perform at our annual Inspirations Music School
recitals. Even if you just began studying your instrument, the opportunity of working with
your tutor to perform even a brief piece will provide a student with improved confidence
and experience to perform on stage.
Our concerts are held in professional auditoriums with a grand piano.

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