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Terms and conditions

Trial lesson

The first lesson is the trial lesson. In the trial the teacher will introduce the
musical instrument, the syllabus and our teaching style to the student. The
duration of the lesson is the same as a normal lesson and the fee will be the
normal charge. Payment will be conducted up front to the teacher in cash or by
online card transfer to the school account. At the end of the lesson you will
have the opportunity to decide weather you want to continue and commit with
our teaching plan.
All lessons after the trial lesson are paid in advance.


All individual lessons are booked on a half-term basis payable in advance in
group of six or according to the number of weeks in the half-term. Payment is
made via BANK TRANSFER for a half-term in advance and confirms your
agreement to the Terms and Conditions.


Summer Term Deposit


There is an extra £50 charge on the last summer term payment to reserve a slot for the next upcoming term. This charge will be deducted from the first payment of the next year.

Cancellation Policy

All individual lessons require 48 hours notice for cancellation or the lesson will
be charged. Cancelled lessons will be re-scheduled subject to availability. Catch
up lessons will take place on dates and times agreed between the teacher and the

Termination of lessons policy

Notice for termination of lessons must be given one month in advance or
they are payable.

Holiday lessons

We do run lessons in the school holidays. These are particularly recommended
if your child/you has an exam in the following term. It is evident that lot of
progress is often made in the holiday when there are fewer commitments and
less pressure from schoolwork. These lessons are paid for separately and do
NOT form part of the half-termly commitment for lessons.

Lesson Details

The teacher agrees to provide a full professional service to the best of their
abilities and to assist the student in fulfilling their potential and achieving their
goals. It is understood that for the student’s benefit, regular practise is required
in order to achieve a substantial progress and maintain the knowledge learnt in
Unless in particular circumstance, we ask if we students can have one-to-one
lesson without interference from family members which can be very
distracting. From experience, it can bring far better results if the teacher and the
student can work together in a clear and structured environment.

Teacher illness

We ask 100% for commitment from teachers in term time and the teacher
agrees to give as much notice as possible in case of delay or if the lesson must
be cancelled at short notice.
On very rare occasions your teacher may have to call in absent for one lesson
because of illness or unforeseen family circumstances. If your teacher is ill, we
reserve the right to another substitute Inspirations Music School teacher to cover
the lesson at its usual allocated time. In the unlikely chance of this not being
possible, we will refund you for the lesson in full. We cannot refund the lesson
if a substitute teacher is available.

Holding of personal details

In our files we keep the following details of our students:

  • Name

  • Address

  • DOB

  • School

  • Mobile number

  • E-mail


By booking a trial lesson you accept these terms.

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