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Our Lessons


Most student take 60 minutes lessons on weekly basis. Although, it is possible to take longer
or shorter lessons if requested.
We feel that 60 minutes allows plenty of time to consolidate the basics of harmony and
theory; preparation of pieces and the various aspects of the ABRSM exams.
It also gives the teacher enough time to explain and write down the homework effectively.
This is an essential part of progression.

While at the same time teaching students about the technical aspects of music, we excel at:

Lesson plan development
Exam preparations 1:
Preparing students for the ABRSM graded exams (From Prep Test, Grade 1 – Grade8).
However exam syllabuses are not intended to provide a complete curriculum,therefore
students are encouraged to play and experience as much music as possible, embracing a
wide range of genres.

Exam preparations 2:
Preparation for Entrance/Scolarship exams. Targeted tuitions for GCSE, A-level and
University level music examinations.


  •  Performance assessments


  •  Extended techniques


  •  Music Workshops

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